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The Free Online Whiteboard That’s Better Than any Paid Version! It has also been a paid version released soon.

If you want to use the free version you don’t need to Signup or Sign in, and it has no limitations in use.

So get started with the free version of Online Whiteboard.


The Free Online Whiteboard is the best online whiteboard ever! With this whiteboard, you can create and share drawings, notes, and ideas with your classmates, co-workers, or friends. The Free Online Whiteboard is easy to use and free to use. You can create your own whiteboard or use one of the many pre-made boards. The Free Online Whiteboard is perfect for classrooms, offices, and homes.

FAQs For Whiteboard

1. How to Copy and Paste any Object?

For Copying any object press: Ctrl+c
To Paste any copied object press: Ctrl+v

2. How To Make Undo and Redo?

To make undo the change, press: Ctrl+z
and if you want to redo press: Ctrl+Shift+z
The maximum undo size is 50

3. How To Make Group and Ungroup Objects?

To make a group selects your objects, you can select multiple objects by pressing ctrl or you can use mouse selection and then press ctrl+g.
If you want to ungroup any grouped object just press ctrl+shift+g

4. How do I zoom in or zoom out Board?

To make zoom in and zoom out the board use ctrl+mousewheel

5. How do I move the board with objects left, right, top or bottom?

If you want to move your board around the site: press space + right click on mouse + mouse move

6. Can I move my objects or group of objects by arrow key from the keyboard?

Yes of course you can.

7. How do I remove any object from the group?

Select your object then press the Delete key or Backspace Key from your keyboard.

8. Is there any short key to select and deselect all objects on the board?

Yes, of course, press ctrl+a to select all objects on your board, and to deselect your selected object press ctrl+d

9. How do I reset my board zooming?

To reset your board zooming press ctrl+0

10. How do I clear my board?

There is two way to clear your canvas:
1. Select all objects by pressing ctrl+a and press the Delete key or Backspace key from your keyboard.

If you have any more questions or any suggestions please visit our forum site and ask your question or write your valuable suggestion, Our team is always there to help you.

Thank you for your valuable time.

See you again….

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