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Base64 decode online converter tool. Select the text you want to base64 decode select or paste here your string in base64 and subsequently you can choose with what characters you want to replace the ‘= char’.

This tool helps to convert base64 string/text to the image. After converting the image, you can download this as a jpg file/picture.

In order to convert an image into base64 encoding firstly need to get the contents of the file. This can be done with the help of the file_get_contents() function of PHP.

Once the contents are fully revealed then it gets encoded with 64 encoding format that generally makes for a readable text version of any data. This type of encoding is used in POSTing text data from a Web server or for including binary files in an HTML page.

How to use Base64 Decode Online?

Base64 Decode Online

If you want to know how to use the tools, then here is the step to follow:

  1. First of all, you should visit the tool link.
  2. Enter your content into the input area and in real-time you get the output value in the output area

Let explain base64 encoding and why it’s important to you as a DevOps engineer the reason that we use base64 encoding is actually quite interesting and it mostly comes down to transferring data over the internet when you use protocols like HTTP or email protocols, a lot of the time this data gets encoded the problem with encoding data is special characters and binary data has the chance to get lost or garbled within that encoding scheme to resolve this we use base64 which is a binary to text encoding scheme it basically takes the binary data and then converts them to basics before plain text string that string can be decoded using the same base64 encoding scheme and this makes it so no characters or data is lost in the transport.

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