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What is Count Lines Online?

Welcome to Count Lines Online. This free and simple tool helps you count down the line number for any text within one click without installing any software, app or extension on your device. It’s fast, reliable and accurate, and it runs on our own trusted infrastructure.

Simplify your life with Count Lines Online, the world’s fastest and most accurate line counter. It is reliable and smart enough to work without installing any software or app.

How to use Count Lines Online?

Count Lines Online

Use of Countlines is Super Simple, Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the tool
  2. Now input data
  3. Click on “Count Lines Number” button and see the output in bottom.

Not: You can input your data in three different ways.

  • Using web URL, Input your file URL to the top input field and press the “Load File From URL” button to get the content of your file.
  • From Your Device, Just click on “Upload File” to upload your file and you don’t need to press any button to get the text, this tool auto magically collect the text from your file.
  • Or you can write your text directly to the big input box on top of the “Count Line Number” button.

Count Lines Online is an online editor and analyzer, able to deal with all lines of files. Users can input through the browser’s file upload, download a file from a URL, copy-paste content directly on the web page. Users can specify the number of lines to analyze, then immediately see the results displayed below. CountLinesOnline scans text and displays the results in real-time.

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