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CSS Minifier is used to minify or compress the CSS code for website speed optimization, and website speed is a very important term for SEO. CSS Minifier tool has 3 types of minification systems.

  1. Height compress
  2. Moderate Compress
  3. Readable Compress

You can use one of those as your perspective. Don’t worry this tool is totally free for you.


This CSS minify or compressor helps you to compress or optimize your CSS in a single click quickly and easily, without having to install any software.

Why Minify CSS? Across the board, source code minification reduces record measures and can accelerate what amount of time it requires for the program to download and execute such code. Unnecessarily huge CSS documents, because of transportation unminified or unused CSS, assist with conveying this unfortunate experience to clients.

How to Compress Your CSS?

  1. Just copy and paste your CSS code manually into the input field
  2. Or you can select your CSS file by Clicking on the “Upload CSS File” Button
  3. Now select compression type by default it is Higher Compression
  4. Now Click on the “Minify” button at the bottom
  5. Now your minification should complete
  6. After CSS Minify you can take this code by clicking in the “Copy to Clipboard” Button

Image Compressor: https://freetoolssite.com/tools-type/image-compressor/

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