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Our “DoFollow Link Checker Online” tool is a free tool to check the “dofollow” link of any domain and webpage. This tool only requires the URL input from your side and it will provide you with the result whether the link is “dofollow” or not.

How to use DoFollow Link Checker Online?

DoFollow Link Checker Online
  1. Goto our tools Dofollow link checker online
  2. Pase your website link to the input field
  3. Press  check button
  4. Now see the output in below.

Finding dofollow links is now much easier than ever with this free tool. Just enter the URL of a web page and click on the check button. This DoFollow Link Checker will run through the given web page and check all the hyperlinks available on that page to determine whether they are Dofollow, Nofollow, or Javascript, etc.

How to create a do-follow link?

To create a do-follow link you need to take the help of the rel attribute, basically, all types of links are do-follow links but with the rel="nofollow" attribute, links are the no-follow link. If you find any link with  rel="nofollow"  an attribute and if you want to make this dofollow link just remove the attribute value(dofollow ).

Let’s see an example:

dofollow link:  <a href="">Dofollow Link</a>

nofollow link:  <a href="" rel="nofollow">Dofollow Link</a>

Why do-follow link is important?

Dofollow Link is Considered a powerful way to a good rank on search engines. It tells the search engine that the link should be followed to reach new content. Dofollow Link tells the engines that this webpage is quality and can be ranked higher. So, if you want to improve your ranking, then you need some dofollow links.

Faced with a Google Panda penalty and thousands of hours wasted chasing low-quality backlinks? Don’t be. With the “DoFollow Link Checker Online”, you can quickly scan all of your links, find the low-quality ones, and request their removal. Our patent-pending DoFollow Link Checker Online shows you exactly which links are hurting your rankings so you can focus on the links that matter to your search engine visibility.

Good links can help you to get a ranking in the search engine. Checking a webpage is a manual process and quite hectic too. That’s why we have created this tool that helps you to check fast and free of cost.

If you want to check nofollow link of your website use the NoFollow Link Checker.

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