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Cutting down the size of your photos to fit your needs has never been easier. Image Cropper allows you to crop and rotate multiple images at once. Choose the size you want, then modify it with a click of your mouse!

image cropper

What is Image Cropper?

The Image Cropper is a free online tool designed to make it easy to crop images. It can be used to adjust the size of a photo or to cut out areas of an image.

Cropping image is a very common requirement whether you’re a blogger, writer or content creator. This is true because most bloggers, writers and content creators will simply find an image, take it, and use it as it is but this is certainly not a good approach. Ideally, they should resize, retouch and crop using a nice photo editor where it is necessary. If there’s a rigid layout with a particular image area, then it becomes necessary to resize and crop so that the image fits properly within the space.

The basic idea is that if you have an image that has a specific layout, then you will have to resize and crop photos online so that it fits the space into which you are going to place them. Image cropper or image crop tool can be an invaluable resource in any blogger or content creator’s toolbox and this simple guide will show you how easy it is to use.

While some people will use a simple image editor or image cropper tool to resize and crop images, many bloggers and writers will simply take an image as it is, and use it as it is in their article without doing much! However, if you want your web page to look presentable then cropping photo becomes necessary.

Crop image online tool is of immense help for the bloggers, writers and content creators who create images for their posts. When you need to add an image but it doesn’t fit in the desired space, then you can use an image crop tool to easily resize and crop photos as needed.

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