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The Image magnifier tool is used to magnify a specific portion of an Image. The best thing you don’t need to install any software on your device. Just open it, select the image and magnify.

This can be used in a classroom environment where the lecturer wants to explain something on a larger screen or via LCD projector, or when working with printed images. This tool allows you to increase the size of the pointer for better visibility, making for a more usable experience for some people.

Image Magnifier

Zoom into images with a magnifier tool. Control the size of your magnifier with a mouse wheel. This tool works best on your desktop or laptop computers.

Is Image Magnifier an app?

The Image Magnifier is not an app, it does not require installing anything onto your computer, it only requires a browser that supports Javascript.

What is Image Magnification Software?

Image magnification software is designed to enlarge images and text on a computer screen. This technology makes it easier for people with visual disabilities to view information presented on their computer screens, increasing their independence and productivity by eliminating the need to enlarge printed materials.

Many people with low vision find it easier to read text when it’s larger. Thanks to image magnification software, you can adjust the size of images and text on a computer screen without affecting the entire screen display.

Image magnification is the process by which images viewed through a magnifier are increased in size.

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