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What is Meta Description Checker?

Meta Description Checker is a free online tool to check the meta description content and length without installing any software, app or extension on your device. Enter any URL of your website or web page that requires SEO audit and our Meta Description Checker tool will help you find if the meta description is applicable as per search engine guidelines.

How to Use Meta Description Checker?

Meta Description Checker is very simple to use just paste your URL and press the “Check Meta Description!” button.

  1. Open the tool
  2. Enter your web URL to the input box
  3. Now press the “Check Meta Description!” button
  4. Wait to collect data and after reloading the page you will get the result.

Meta title and description are the first things Google will see when they search through your website. By providing your title and description, you can optimize your website with search engines such as Google and Bing.

What is Meta Description?

What is meta description

The meta description is a brief summary of the content contained on a web page. This short paragraph appears underneath the clickable link of the web page in search results, and words contained in it are used by search engines to determine what search queries this page is relevant for. Although meta description is not used by Google as a ranking signal, it plays an important role in user experience and conversion rates as searchers often use it to determine if your page will answer their question prior to clicking.

Meta Description plays an important role in SEO, as using strategic keywords, can inform readers of the site’s relevance to their search and make them more likely to click on a result.

Another Definition of Meta Description:

The meta description is an HTML tag that summarizes the contents of your page. The meta description shows up when someone searches for things related to your page in Google and other search engines. It’s also the text that shows up under your page’s URL in the search results, so it needs to be compelling and relevant so people will click on it.

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