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NoFollow Link Checker is a useful software for online marketers and webmasters. Save your valuable time and money by using this convenient option to check the “nofollow” link of any website and any specific URL without installing any software on your device. This tool can also be used by internet marketing professionals, SEO experts, webmasters, link builders, and online marketers to evaluate and improve their web traffic.

How to use DoFollow Link Checker Online?

NoFollow Link Checker
  1. Goto our tools Dofollow link checker online
  2. Pase your website link to the input field
  3. Press  check button
  4. Now see the output below

How to create a no-follow link?

To create a no-follow link you need to take the help of the rel attribute, basically, all types of links are do-follow links but with  rel="nofollow" attribute, links are the no-follow link. If you want to make this nofollow link just add the attribute value as nofollow.

Let’s see an example:

nodofollow link:  <a href="">Dofollow Link</a>

follow link:  <a href="" rel="nofollow">Dofollow Link</a>

Why Nofollow Link ?

The Google Algorithm has undergone frequent changes with respect to the following links. Google search engine only crawls links that have proper attributes like follow and nofollow. But before crawling any link it checks the link attribute. If the link does not have proper attributes, Google doesn’t crawl that specific link.

If you dig around the web, you will learn that there’s a slight difference between follow and no-follow links. A follow link means that the website owner is vouching for the linked site and is essentially saying, “This is a great site! You should check it out!” That recommendation carries weight, especially since it comes from a website that Google trusts.

What is Nofollow Link?

Nofollow links are external links that do not allow any search engines to crawl on them. Google says that Nofollow links can’t be trusted and won’t pass any value to the sites that are linked. It means that using a tool like Nofollow link checker can save you a lot of time and help you find ways of doing better SEO for your website.

Some of the links on a website are called “nofollow” links. They are not followed by the search engines because they don’t pass the link juice to the target page. If you want to check if a particular page has any type of nofollow backlinks, then you need to check that manually. Referring domains to that particular page can help you to find out the “nofollow” backlinks pointing at your website.

If you want to check nofollow link of your website uses the DoFollow Link Checker.

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