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What are Shuffle Words?

Shuffle Words is used to randomize your text or words for free, you don’t need to download any software on your device. Text shuffler uses a powerful algorithm that can randomize text and words in just a few seconds. You don’t have to go through long processes in order to shuffle texts.

How to use it?

Shuffle Words
  1. Open Shuffle Words
  2. Enter your text into the input area
  3. Select shuffle type from the dropdown and press the shuffle “Button”
  4. Now you can see the output in the output area

Shuffle Words is an educational spelling game designed to help children with their reading and vocabulary. Children must spell a word by dragging the letters into place from a randomly selected pool. Each time the letters are placed into their correct positions, it triggers a triumphant brassy fanfare, which keeps children engaged. There is also a built-in dictionary for kids to use, enabling them to learn new words and gain confidence in their ability to read unfamiliar words.

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