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“Storage Calculator” is a free online converter to convert storage units from one type to another type, whiteout installing any software on your device. The supported unit for this converter is:

  1. bit (b)
  2. kilobit (kb)
  3. megabit (Mb)
  4. gigabit (Gb)
  5. terabit (Tb)
  6. petabit (Pb)
  7. exabit (Eb)
  8. zettabit (Zb)
  9. yottabit (Yb)
  10. nibble
  11. byte (B)
  12. kilobyte (kB)
  13. megabyte (MB)
  14. gigabyte (GB)
  15. terabyte (TB)
  16. petabyte (PB)
  17. exabyte (EB)
  18. zettabyte (ZB)
  19. yottabyte (YB)

How to use Storage Calculator?

Storage Calculator

Look at the pic there are two parts both and every side has two parts, you can use every part as an input field, and the top two parts act as an output display.


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